Owlhearth is a vast parcel of connected lands located in the offshoots of the Alterac Mountains. Ownership was bestowed onto Sir Shindo Malphur, who has since established a thriving settlement from his initial investment for his Foundry.

The Foundry at Owlhearth is the crown jewel of its lord and forgemaster, and as one of the largest in the Alterac Mountains and produces a wide variety of metal goods, ranging from weapons and armor to household items and tools. It remains staffed by skilled craftsmen and engineers who work tirelessly to produce high-quality goods that are sought after throughout Azeroth.

In addition to its Foundry, Owlhearth also boasts extensive farmland that produces a variety of hardy crops and livestock. The fertile soil and favorable climate of the region - entirely on accident - make it an ideal location for agriculture and land settlement, and little expense has been spared in maximizing their growing potential.

Beyond its industrial and agricultural pursuits, Owlhearth has also developed a thriving tourist industry. Visitors come from all over Azeroth to experience the natural beauty of the untamed region and to sample its unique cuisine and cultures. The capital city Morku's Chamber of Commerce has invested heavily in developing a range of tourist facilities, including hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues, to varying success.

Owlhearth is a dynamic and prosperous settlement that has become an important hub for trade and tourism in the Alterac Mountains. Its combination of industry, agriculture, and tourism has created a diverse and vibrant economy that is the envy of others in the region.

— population —> 2500+— main export —trade city [goods vary on season and population of vendors].— established —following shindo malphur's ascension to lordship.


Capital and major trade-hub, Morku acts as a beacon for travelers from all over the Eastern Kingdoms to set up shop.

- Owlhearth's elite armed vigil, the Owlguard, are headquartered here in Penance Alley.
- home to the Theater.
- home to multiple Market Rows.
- home to the Residential District.
- home to ill-advised Dredgen Hangman sighting tours.
[Owlguard work to shut these down to dissuade copycats.]
- large travel hub given its proximity to the Terram Passage, a mountain pass leading to the neighboring Bearlands. [this is one of two major gateways to Owlhearth].

Morku is managed mainly by the OCoC - Owlhearth Chamber of Commerce. These democratically-elected masters of their craft hold union meetings and ensure the place is running smoothly when Lord Malphur or his attendants aren't around to oversee goings-on.

  • ㅤ▷ Leadership:ㅤ

  • - Lord Shindo Malphur [Current].

  • - Lady Rilennia Malphur [Chatelaine of House Malphur; Morku Chamber of Commerce Chair. Current].

  • - Owlhearth Chamber of Commerce [Current.]

  • The OCoC are democratically-elected tradesmen union representatives; membership of which consists of masters in varying trades that flourish in Owlhearth as a whole.

  • their spokespersons include:

  • - Blacksmith. - Forestry.

  • - Carpentry. - Animal Husbandry / Hunter's Lodge.

  • - Trade Route Security.

  • - Frostwolf Culture Preservation Representative.

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races from all walks of life frequent morku and are employed at the foundry, and special non-traditional non-alliance cases have been given amnesty.

a sect of appointed frostwolves function as hunter-gatherers and huntkeepers (like groundskeepers for wildlife control/management) that facilitate cohabitation with morku.

since the armistice between horde and alliance, neutrals and non-aggressors are welcomed to conduct business within the city limits [within reason, and with operating paperwork authorized by alteraci notaries.]

  • shops of note:

  • a lightforged draenei has taken up crystalsmithing through jewelrycraft and runs a very successful luxury shop.

  • a large apothecary chain owned by the tinkatonk conglomerate has moved into central morku, behind the theater.

  • the dwarven family coldhearth and sons run the most successful small-scale smithy in morku.

  • an afflicted gilnean and her third generation family run a beloved candy store.

  • a gourmet restaurant is run by a displaced clutch of flightless arakkoa, given amnesty.

  • a mechagnome/gnome pair run a vaunted cartography store/compass emporium. they also sell traveling gear!

  • a native mechagonian postmaster has also set up shop in morku as a courier, using advanced pneumatic tube technologies for near-instant mail delivery!

  • a pair of high elven sisters run a transplanted from dalaran high end boutique, each with vastly different styles of dress.

  • a card shop has recently opened and specializes in figures, arcade games and hearthstone packs!

  • a dracthyr has recently opened up a glasswork stall, with custom orders taken - they're usually backed up for weeks due to their in-demand popularity.

  • palmer's meats remains the most popular butcher in owlhearth.

— population —> 250— main export —armor. armaments. metalwork.
custom orders, from utensils to airships [to spite rival foundries].
— established —prior to shindo's lordship.

The Foundry.

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If Morku is the bread of Owlhearth, with its many tourist stops,
trade locations and shipping stations, then The Foundry is the butter that goes with it.

The Foundry was established before Morku was. Banking on Shindo’s passion for his blacksmithing work, The Foundry established it and spread it all over the continent! The wares commissioned to the Foundry get sent to Morku for processing and shipping to wherever it has to go. And in turn, Morku gets sent the supplies needed to make what’s commissioned from the Foundry. A natural symbiotic relationship between two areas of Owlhearth.The Foundry itself was built into the mountain, much like Ironforge, but on a much less grand a scale. A large number “1” can be seen above the entryway, indicating this is indeed Foundry 1 to differentiate it from Foundry 2 which is closer to Stormwind to better serve customers down south.The Foundry is equipped for some mass production of simpler wares or materials with the use of workers and conveyor belts. Above that, there are 13 Smithing Teams, usually of 4 or 5, who take on work orders that are only allowed to ship if they pass Shindo’s own quality assessment. Nothing but the best from Foundry 1.Each team is given the equipment and training necessary, as well as a booklet with advanced blacksmithing techniques made by their Founder himself, giving the place a unique touch. Including but not limited to; Streams of Silver being a Paladin’s favorite order and a variety of metal shaping to create different alloys with different properties.

— population —> 750— main export —skins, leather, meats, crafts.— established —>200+ years ago.


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Borof'tok is a settlement of Frostwolves that settled in the region
years following the exile of their clan after the old horde's march to azeroth.

This splinter tribe of Frostwolves have coexisted peacefully with the land of Alterac for many years, long before Shindo Malphur was given lordship of Owlhearth, and predating the eternal conflict against the Stormpikes.The Greyfangs are trained hunters and gatherers who follow the old ways of the Frostwolves. Led by their Elder Shaman, Kachada Greyfang, his people took to hunting Yeti above all else - hunting these dangerous beasts in the mountains with insurmountable prowess, they’d collect their horns as proof of a kill, and thrive from their meat and furs.They were apprehensive of Shindo’s lordship over Owlhearth at first. Even after proposing a means of making their lives better with more plentiful supplies and community, he had to first face their strongest champion, Lorag Greyfang, in a deathmatch to prove he can defend them. After a hard fought battle of which they still tell tales, Shindo did not slay the Greyfang Champion, instead opting to bring him into the fold as a defender of Owlhearth. He claimed it was not to disrespect their clan's traditions - but to better bring Borof'tok’s people prosperity, as he’d need the Greyfangs' guidance.

And so, the Elder Kachada to this day still leads the clan, and Lorag Greyfang watches over them as their Guardian and as a Talon of the Lord of Owlhearth. The community has grown over the years, with many coming in and adopting the old ways. Joining the clans and helping Owlhearth prosper, together.

With the advent of the Mag'har's exodus to present-day Azeroth, many more orcs that identified with Frostwolf heritage were able to cross over and join their kin in the Alterac Mountains, bolstering their numbers and allowing the orcish people to grow comfortably in their homelands.

—population—> 3500+.
varies on season & weather.
—main exports—farm goods. artisan crafts. arts & artistry. religious wares. ores & gemstones. avian goods. fishing.—established—varies.

Other Areas.

The majority of Owlhearth's lower section is split into two discernable halves - the Highlands and the Lowlands.

Junaiper Highlands.

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The Highlands are a forested area of mountainous hilled borders that wall off the Foundry and Morku from the lower breadbasket-like portions of Owlhearth. The forests are mainly unregulated and naturalized. This region is a wild and untamed length of forest, usually warded against by its many growing refugee and amnesty-granted citizenry.

Bears, mountain lions, and other fearsome predators are known to roam freely, preying on unsuspecting travelers who venture too far from the safety of these civilizations, and are kept in check by the Frostwolf gamewardens that patrol the area.

The forests of the Highlands are shrouded in mystery, with whispers of supernatural forces and inexplicable phenomena that have claimed the lives of many who dared to explore its depths.

Kuthrow Lowlands.

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The Kuthrow Lowlands in Owlhearth, Alterac, are a cluster of farming lands and townships that form a close-knit community. The residents of the Lowlands are known for maintaining their traditional way of life, centered around agriculture and animal husbandry.

One unique aspect of the Kuthrow Lowlands is the presence of the settled Frostwolves of Borof'tok. These orcish people have lived in the area for several generations, and have their own distinct culture and customs.

Farming practices in the Lowlands are focused on hardy vegetables and cloven animals, and many of the farms are family-owned and operated. While the Lowlands are a peaceful and idyllic destination, visitors should be respectful of the locals. The residents are proud of their way of life and may not take well to outsiders who don't show proper respect to their home or the Frostwolves, with whom they have a tenuous alliance of respect.

Fletchroost and Tranquill were founded by two sparring twin brothers - one with an interest in the arts and tourism, one with an interest in practical trades and finance. They split the difference of a parcel of land granted to them by Lord Malphur - - with the caveat that they Behave Themselves or they'd both be ousted. serfs are such a pain to rule sometimes.


tradition-based farm haven.

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Tranquill is the farming-breadbasket of Owlhearth. With riley's antics in attempting to make Owlhearth more independent that resulted in the formation of both the Frozen Stryth and the Feldspar Caverns, the soil has been hyper-enriched with new minerals and running irrigation.

Many of the hardiest crops in Azeroth grow here - weather-tested and battleforged like its inhabitants to be as sturdy as possible, so as to withstand frozen temperatures and icy winds. tranquill's farmers specialize in root vegetables as it's much easier to keep the soil warmer than it is to stop leaves from getting frostbitten, which suits them just fine - starchier greens such as beets, turnips, carrots, yams and potatoes are a major staple that are sent with pride to Morku and other Owlhearthian townships.

They've recently branched out into cloven livestock, but for some reason Lord Malphur despises goats. He is unable to visit varying goat farms without attempting to fight one, even once - his faithful chatelaine usually lassoing him away from a brawl with a clueless animal serving as a hallmark of his inspections.


artisanal tourist paradise.

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After its founding, Fletchroost went on to become a smaller community that focused on arts and music, along with a very cottagecore aesthetic that lures tourists and immigrants to Alterac looking for the usual VIP experience of skiing, sledding and hot cocoa.

It makes a good portion of its income from art galleries, playwrights and smaller concert halls. Many of the plays that occur bi-monthly in the Morku Theater come from Fletchroost's scribes, along with set designs and costuming.

Fletchroost also boasts the Chapel of the Brilliant Arc - a grandiose cathedral that has been converted from a normal place of Holy Light worship to accommodate followers of Lord Malphur's philosophy of Pathfinding.

Shindo will intermittently stop by as his schedule permits to give small lectures - he's normally not known for his social visits - and Fletchroost's chambers take it as a supreme compliment to themselves and a slight towards those of Tranquill.

Frozen Stryth.

ice-cold watery death trap.

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Ocean Force Point Temple - Star Fox Adventures OST

while attempting to bring a much-needed abundance of water to the canals of Morku for spawning crabs in her newly-built canal project, riley incorrectly estimated exactly how much would need to be routed into the city - ripping the protective film from a channeled rift at the bottom of a lake in kalimdor and draining it into the stonework.

with the ground being frozen over and unable to retain it, much of this migrated water overflowed into a nearby natural river, threatening to flood the banks and drown nearby crops in the newly-established farmlands of tranquill.

there's also a portal to vashj'ir in its depths (because of course the first thing riley thought to do was use more uncapped portals to send the water to vashj'ir, but, this backflowed, which caused even MORE flooding, so that plan was immediately abandoned).

while the entire venture was for nothing following the failed reproduction of riley's prized crab-spawn, leftover water that backflowed into and around morku's walls has at least given the locals a nice fishing spot. since the ground is usually frozen most of the year around alterac, it still can't seep into the soil properly, and instead has encircled the majority of owlhearth to provide an unexpected economy in fishing.

Feldspar Caverns.

unintentional cavernous sanctum.

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For Sugar Splash Act 3

the feldspar caverns were created entirely on accident when riley hired some amateur earthen ring 'geomagists' to bore a hole into the mountain to try to make the foundry more self-reliant instead of always making shindo go to stormwind or ironforge for large ore orders.

to riley's fear and surprise, they blew a hole not only into a mountain dangerously close to the foundry, but mischanneled and angered some resident earthen elementals who were having a nice nap. in her panic to return them to deepholm, riley ripped open multiple portals that crashed into each other, creating a nexus singularity that splintered an already-strained ley line and created a permanent rift into the plane of earth. this portal-web is constantly in flux at the entrance of the caverns; opening and closing and reopening again to send whoever ventures inside to a different part of the spiraling cave system each time they go in.

it's extraordinarily easy for a mortal to wander into the caverns and get lost. those who want to explore and capitalize on the rich veins of ore and gemstone geodes of innumerable wealth have to have some sort of way to signal to their team outside - homing beacon or very, very long rope notwithstanding; same for explorers and brave cataloguers who want to explore the depths of the caverns (and have a death wish, because there are still very angry earthen elementals roaming around in there).


riley was warned for years, honestly.

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the arcfracture is a small sort-of crater in the eastern portion of the junaiper highlands. it's a massively overtaxed ley line splinter that has been bearing the brunt of riley ripping open arcane portals for everything from grabbing something from the other side of the room to summoning a huge army in defense of her home.

the cool thing about arcane portals is that they're perfectly safe and stable when anchored to a large enough ley line that can support its strain - BUT - when they're not cast properly, with safeguards, regulations and tethers, they can splinter ley lines and cause irreparable damage to an area and whatever's around it.

the arcfracture serves as a catch-all for garbage, arcane residue and other unmentionables that riley tosses through without having a destination in mind. it's begun to siphon in random objects, trash, corpses and other erstwhile items. while currently more of a dumpster-dive location for the locals, it's growing in size every day and, if not unchecked, might even irreparably damage and block one of two passes to the rest of the eastern kingdoms.

currently, its magical energies are being held in check by quickly-constructed leystone pylons that serve to reroute erstwhile arcane flow away from the broken ley line.

Veil Kogara.

studious adherents of terokk's refuge.

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during his deployment to draenor as a member of the silver hand, shindo spent an unhealthy amount of time straying back to lend his weapons to the arakkoa of the spires of arak. he fought off saberon, rukhmar's adherents and other maladaptive foes that would wish harm on the outcasts, making him a champion of their people and giving him gifts and idolatry he still carries to this day.following the mag'har orcs' timeway disruption to escape the hostility of the army of the light, several native races to the past-future-muddied homeworld escaped with them - among which were a clustered group of arakkoa and their kin. in their flight to freedom they had heard of shindo's continued deeds on azeroth, and set out on a hazardous journey to owlhearth to request aid from their venerated champion. without question he answered their call - granting a secluded part in the junaiper highlands' forest areas for the displaced outcasts to rebuild a veil of their own.the arakkoa of veil kogara are mainly scrollkeepers and lorescribes that are fascinated with dictating the history of terokk, anzu, sethe and other important deities to their people as they appear in Our timeline. they aren't hostile, but they are highly defensive of their territory, and it's ill advised to wander into their areas - designated by trees marked by hanging beaded charms bearing feathered wings and crude recreations of the silver hand's fist emblem - without either shindo himself or as an envoy of his house.

Armorga Aviary.

armored avian-allied sanctuary.

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Explosions in the Sky — Memorial

Owlhearth is peppered with aviaries, especially in the major cities - intended to both safely house avians of all types AND prevent messes from flocks of birds congregating on rooftops and in parks.to that end, armorga is the largest aviary in Owlhearth, and the one Shindo usually frequents the most. his avian companions are trained to return here as a priority for missives, messages and companionship.as a design, it's a very large tower that spirals upwards and has a large wire cage on its front - along with a lightning rod to divert away any storm strikes.Armorga is the third largest consumer of seed and grain in Owlhearth, behind Tranquill and Morku itself.


wooded sanctum for druids of the talon.

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(Wacky Workbench Past Remix) - Jeff Ball

kenhallow was founded in the heart of the junaiper highlands' forest when an order of teldrassil refugees requested space in owlhearth to rebuild their community and barrow dens, given its connection to untouched nature, following the destruction of first areas of hyjal, and then the world tree itself. of course shindo approved wholeheartedly.a small coven of druidic followers - mainly those Of The Talon, of course - practice, teach and train within the secluded depths of the untouched forest. rumors that aviana herself has blessed the area with a visit ring out soundly throughout owlhearth, adding more credence and pride to the avian theme in which their lands are dyed.there's even talk of the ardent druids having established a gateway to the dream itself, not unlike those in duskwood's twilight grove or feralas' seradane.

Rachis Waterway.

idyllically calm fishing locale.

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the accidentally-terraformed rachis waterway is a spit of water that flows around central owlhearth and serves to separate the highlands from the lowlands. it also acts as a waterway to deliver goods from one side of the lands to the other, when the topmost layers aren't frozen.

stocked with firefin snapper, bristle whisker catfish and sagefish. it freezes over in the winter (so, knowing alterac, like eight months out of the year), and becomes a popular getaway destination that fletchroost capitalizes on by converting their bottom half of it into an ice skating rink.

tourists flock to the area for skiing, skating, hot cocoa and not being mauled by yetis who feel as though their territories are being infringed.

Malphur Manor.

charming and antiquated.

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malphur manor, or, manor malphur, depending on your preference, is the home of the eponymous lord that commands owlhearth's width and breadth. shindo resided solo in what was formerly morku, prior to its large-scale growth and migration further south.

having an attachment to its initial founding and his own initial foundry, the enigmatic lord deigned to remain behind in the tiny township that was eventually just signed off to him as a parcel of homeland, to no complaints from the recently-established city council; not only knowing the enigmatic knight would take care of its historical lands, but also because it's hard to argue with a guy that hunts yetis for fun.
when riley accidentally created the frozen stryth and its apex not some miles away, the majority of old morku was washed away, leaving a few buildings and homesteads in its tsunami-wake of frost.




  • ㅤmajor exportsㅤ

  • armaments & armor.

  • touristry!

  • arts & artistry.

  • unrefined stone [granite; construction gravel; moonstone].

  • minor ores [copper, tin, iron, mithril, rarely, thorium].

  • assorted gemstones & rare ore veins.

  • finished textiles.

  • ㅤmajor importsㅤ

  • large orders of common ores.

  • wool & cotton.

  • lumber.

  • coal.

  • spices / tea / coffee.

  • magical / engineered wares.

  • ▷ㅤNotable Strength(s):ㅤ

  • • popular traveling trade/market destination due to Morku's safety [first via enforcement by the Dredgen Hangman; following his disappearance, then via the recently established Owlguard]

  • • spacious and naturalistic; relatively untainted [save for riley's 'helpful' shenanigans having altering the landscape]

  • • basically the montana of alterac. big and wide and open.

  • ▷ㅤNotable Weakness(es):ㅤ

  • • cut off easily from vital lifelines, as it's boxed in and categorically landlocked in the mountains with two(?) major entry/exits.

  • • often susceptible to elemental havoc via angered spirits, faction conflict due to non-borof'tok-insistence of frostwolf territory, 'you said this was a black market' styled interpretation of what's allowed to be sold in Morku, and 'traitor' mentality of the Alliance enforced via Alterac's negative history/perception.

  • • damaged/overtaxed ley line by way of the arcfracture poses a potential incursion for instability OR those looking to siphon.

  • ㅤ▷ Notable Landmark(s):ㅤ

  • The Foundry [Malphur Works' battletested crucibles craft quality exports to all parts of Azeroth.]

  • Morku's Marketplace [vaunted above-ground marketplace, divided into key sections; watched over by the Owlguard.]

  • Borof'tok [Frostwolf orc settlement, featuring hunting grounds virtually untouched by horde or alliance civilization.]

  • Feldspar Caverns [artificially-created underground caverns; houses unstable Deepholm gateways and endless rare gemstone veins. very easy to get lost in, due to being unmappable.]

  • Fletchroost [artisan crafters. specializes in the arts as an export. most of the theater's performances come from here, along with a ton of art/writing. location of the chapel of the brilliant arc, a completely normal church based on the Path philosophy. in constant competition with Tranquill.]

  • Tranquill [farm-town. specializes in exports of artisan homestead goods, mainly goats, chickens and hardy crops. very prideful group of people - some of which are second generation frostwolf orcs from borof'tok. in constant competition with Fletchroost.]

  • Kenhallow [druidic barrow den area and a site of emerald dream entry; druids of the talon reside here.]

  • Veil Kogara [a retreat for a cluster of terokk-faithful arakkoa that crossed with the mag'har orcs' emigration to our timeline. they recall shindo being a champion of terokk during his time on draenor and venerate him and his deeds!]

  • The Arcfracture [side effects of riley's insistence on portal-ripping have to go somewhere, right?]

  • ㅤ▷ Leadership:ㅤ

  • - Lord Shindo Malphur [Current].

  • - Lady Rilennia Malphur [Chatelaine of House Malphur; Morku Chamber of Commerce Chair. Current].

  • - Owlhearth Chamber of Commerce [Current.]

  • The OCoC are democratically-elected tradesmen union representatives; membership of which consists of masters in varying trades that flourish in Owlhearth as a whole.

  • their spokespersons include:

  • - Blacksmith - Forestry

  • - Carpentry - Animal Husbandry / Hunter's Lodge

  • - Trade Route Security

  • - Frostwolf Culture Preservation Representative

  • ㅤPopulation Density:ㅤ

  • ㅤMorku:ㅤ

  • >2500; fluctuates based on market seasons as a tourist/visitor-driven economy

  • ㅤBorof'tok:ㅤ

  • >100; generationally settled Frostwolf orcs.

  • ㅤJunaiper Highlands:ㅤ

  • <1100 and growing - newly expanded area; the Frozen Stryth's cascading waters + Feldspar Caverns' minerals made for accidentally rich farmland.

  • ㅤOther Smaller Territories:ㅤ

  • >250; very niche areas/population.


Owlhearth, a stronghold nestled within the Alterac Mountains, has a long and storied history dating back many years. Its origins can be traced back to a time when the region was still largely wilderness, with few settlements to speak of; ogres maintained a grip on the region as a whole, and it was largely written off as fodder.

As the years passed, a small community of hardy pioneers began to take root in the region, indifferent to its history of crimes of the Alteraci and their traitor-king. These settlers were drawn to the area's rugged beauty and the abundance of natural resources that could be found there - along with the challenge of clearing the land's stigma for its storied treachery against the Alliance. They built homesteads, cleared land for farming, and established a small but thriving community, unknowingly alongside the settled Frostwolf settlement of Borof'tok.

It was during this time that the foundations of Owlhearth were first established. A group of determined settlers had banded together to build a small fortress on a hill overlooking the surrounding countryside. Its walls were fortified with plentiful Alterac Granite, and it became a beacon of safety and security in an otherwise dangerous world. The small but bastioned fortress was designed to protect the growing community from raiders, Syndicate bandits, and other threats that lurked in the mountains. Most importantly, it contained a Foundry that had been built and supervised by the resident Forgemaster, Sir Shindo Malphur.

Over the years, these settlements grew and expanded, together becoming a major stronghold in the region.

It was during the tail-end of the Third War that Owlhearth truly came into its own. Forces of the New Horde and other outlying aggrandizers against the Alliance launched a series of ongoing assaults on the region as a whole, seeking to expand territory and crush their foes. In the face of this overwhelming threat, the defenders of Owlhearth stood firm.

Led by Sir Malphur, a skilled Silver Hand paladin and veteran of many such battles, the defenders of Owlhearth fought bravely against the Horde. With his rallying cry spurring them to victory, they repelled wave after wave of attackers, inflicting heavy losses on the enemy and earning the respect of all who witnessed their bravery.

For his leadership and valor in countless defenses of the Alliance's interests in Alterac, Sir Malphur was granted stewardship of the lands upon which Owlhearth stood. He assumed the title of Lord of the region, tasked with overseeing its defense and protection. Not long after, the capital trade city of Morku, and the townships of Fletchroost and Tranquill were formed; with financial successes expanding Morku out beyond its original location of its valley fortress and into a thriving city.

Under Lord Malphur's leadership, Owlhearth has only prospered further, becoming a community that stands as a testament to the strength and resilience of the people of Alterac.

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